Specialized Teams

Action Through Specialized Teams

Specialized Teams (STs) in the GTA have been formed with the purpose of carrying out specific types of focused work. The STs co-exist with traditional structures such as community and youth groups, networks, and fieldworkers.


Here are the active STs in the GTA!

We’re a group of spirited and dedicated artists… graphic design, fine art, photography, videography, fashion design and writing. We’re ART IN ACTION!!!

Our group is highly motivated to support the cause of human rights. We take pride in providing dynamic, thoughtful and proactive visual support; bringing awareness to Amnesty International’s campaigns and events.

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Check out our ongoing mural project:  AITO Art in Action’s Project Urban Canvas

The team consist of a group of people specializing in or passionate about the effective use of new technologies (web, internet, digital media) in promoting AI’s work for human rights. The team maintains the AITO web site, which includes the merchandise catalogue.

Another goal of this team is to meet the increased interest from the public when the “news” focuses on a particular human rights crisis (i.e. Middle East, Darfur, Sudan). Many people want to be immediately directed to work on the crisis in question. The intent of the team is to provide the public with the information of “What’s Hot” and how to act.

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We are a group of passionate activists in the GTA working to raise awareness about how business affects human rights worldwide, with a specific focus on the impact the Canadian extractive/oil and mining industry has on Indigneous communities in Canada and abroad.

We do everything from writing, emailing, approaching MPs, tweeting governments or CEOs, to online letters and petitions, and to taking to the streets to rally, march and educate the public. Meetings include updates on issues we are currently working on, plans for future actions, and occasionally guest speakers with expertise in a particular area.

With our offices closed due to COVID -19 the team is currently meeting online every last Monday of the month between 6:30pm – 7:30pm. To join the team/online meetings and to find out what we are working on please contact us below.

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The Toronto Speakers Bureau is a group of enthusiastic AI members in the GTA who help raise awareness about AI and human rights violations around the world by doing public speaking/presentations in schools and at public events.

If you would like someone from Amnesty International to speak at your school or event please use the contact form below

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For new and potential members, AI offers an Orientation session where you can find out about our human rights work, how are we structured, our mandate, how you can get involved and what is going on in AI Toronto.

You don’t need to call, just turn up at our office : 1992 Yonge Street, 3rd Floor, the fourth Thursday of each month (except August and December) at 7pm.

Please note there will be no face to face orientation session in May. 

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Phone: 416-363 9933 ext 328