Todd Barsanti

Todd Barsanti

Genuine intent + great talent = well-applied creativity
I met Todd a decade – and several posters, flyers, ads, postcards, displays – ago! A few mocha’s had, some seriously good creative collaboration, juggling tight timelines – all of it enjoyable when you’re working with a genuinely nice guy. A common interest to help, made most of the projects feel much less – and much more – than work. As part of AITO’s graphic support team – often leading it – he’s produced countless pieces of great design over the years. Genuine intent + great talent = well-applied creativity. Take a look at Todd’s work for Amnesty – you’ll see his heart is in the right place – it’s excellent – ALL of it! AITO is lucky to have him!

Susanne Brunetzky


graphic designer at speakdesign inc and member of AITO Art in Action Team

In Todd’s words:

I never really considered myself an activist in the traditional sense, but I have always felt that Amnesty International’s work to help prevent and end human rights violations around the world is important. I first approached the Toronto Organization (AITO) in 2001 and offered my graphic design services as a way in which I might be comfortable giving of my time. Twelve years on, I contribute where I can and I am honoured that the folks at AITO keep coming back for more.

In 2001, I began doing flyers for an ongoing event we called Amnesty Café.  In 2003, we started an annual silent auction of photography and art, called View.

In 2005, I created a t-shirt design for Stop Violence Against Women.

And over the years, there have been plenty of poster designs commemorating and promoting events.

But perhaps the work I am most proud of, are the posters and collateral materials I have worked to develop Amnesty International Reel Awareness Human Rights Film Festival which has grown in popularity every year, and is now about to happen for the eighth consecutive year.

Thank you to Elena Dumitru at the Amnesty International Toronto Organization for all of your support over the years and for not being shy to ask for help when you need it. I consider you to be a good friend and a kind soul and you’ve made my interactions with Amnesty International such a positive experience over the years.”

Todd is a behind-the-scenes volunteer who has become an essential partner of the Reel Awareness team. Since the festival’s inception in 2006, Todd has created beautiful, eye-catching and frame-worthy posters. In earlier years, he graciously incorporated our suggestions, even though we had little expertise in understanding graphic design. With each year, our appreciation of the art form, and of his creativity and talent has grown.

Thank you Todd, for all that you have contributed.

Renee Saviour


AI Canada (ES) Board