Parisa Samet

Parisa Samet

Wonderful team-player

In Parisa’s words:

“I started volunteering with Amnesty International because I felt it was my duty as a free person to help those who do not enjoy the same rights and freedoms as I do. After searching through organizations for a good fit I went to AI Iran action circle EID event three years ago and felt like I was in the right place.

Everyone at the AITO location has been nothing but inspiring and warm to me and I’m grateful all the time to be a part of this team. We’ve seen our actions for Nasrin Sotoudeh and Hamid Ghassemi pay off in huge ways. These are some examples of moments that keep me going.  Attending the AI Canada Human Rights College was also a point in which I understood how much activism changed the face of our world and how working together can save lives. Knowing that we are all working as a community in standing in solidarity is incredibly rewarding. All in all I find that I’ve been truly privileged in getting the opportunity to work with such wonderful inspiring people.”

Parisa joined our group three years ago. Ever since I’ve had the pleasure to know her both as a fellow volunteer and as a friend. Her commitment and passion is truly impressive. As the secretary of the Iran Action Circle she keeps our group running by diligently writing and sending out meeting minutes. As a volunteer she brings forth new ideas and accomplishes tasks with great enthusiasm.

One of the most memorable moments that I have of her is from our last Yalda poetry event. For this event attendees were encouraged to find and recite poetry on human rights. Many came with poems that they had found; Parisa came with a poem that she herself had wrote. The emotion with which she recited those beautiful verses made her dedication as a human rights activist all the more evident to me.

Shayan Edalati


Former chair of AI Toronto Iran Action Circle

Parisa is not only a delight to work with but also a kind-hearted individual. A wonderful team-player, she is ready to lend a hand where it’s needed even when she already has enough on her plate. Parisa brings energy and professionalism to the team and is undeniably a valuable member of Iran Action Circle in Toronto.

Nazila Nik


AI Toronto Iran Action Circle