Nisa Aliyeva

Nisa Aliyeva

In Nisa’s Own Words:

Picture of Nisa Aliyeva sitting at table smiling with two other Amnesty activistsI am a first-year student at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus, with a great passion for human rights. My interest in Amnesty International and community involvement was inspired by my mother. She worked with the UNHCR for many years and would bring home stories about refugees and their path to finding safety. Those stories had a huge impact on my life, and I developed a desire to help those who are in need of justice and safety.

I am currently a Youth Organizer with Amnesty International Canada and have volunteered with Amnesty in the GTA for over three years now. With every event and meeting I attend at Amnesty, I learn a lot about global issues and also meet inspiring people.

Nisa with fellow activists holding up signs with Human Rights solgans.For the past 3 years, I raised awareness in my high school about what is happening in the world, inspiring them to learn and to help bring justice to those in need. Due to my involvement with Amnesty, I helped get my school involved in different campaigns. One of the biggest one was the Butterflies for Mexico Campaign in support of the families of over 27,000 missing people in Mexico. For this campaign, I had the school students and staff draw over a hundred butterflies with messages of support for the families affected.

I have taken part in a number of Amnesty events and initiatives such as Pride Toronto, Women’s Marches, street actions in Kensington Market and represented the organization at the annual Volunteer Youth Expo Toronto. Currently, I am part of The Matchstick Newspaper Team (newly created AI youth newspaper) and recently joined the Amnesty Club at UofT.  

The community work I have done has affected me positively and motivated me to do more! Amnesty International Canada has helped me develop my experience and knowledge of human rights and taught me life-long skills – which I am sure I will use in the future. I hope to continue volunteering with AI and possibly take on a research role (which is a dream goal of mine). I want to become a Human Rights Lawyer and work for the United Nations. I want to defend victims of human rights abuses and become an advocate for social justice. I strongly recommend others to join Amnesty, to help those in need, and possibly grow a career path in the field of human rights.