Michael Craig

Michael Craig

Human rights activist for over 40 years

Michael Craig, has been a political and human rights activist for over 40 years; he is grateful that he lives in Canada where criticizing governments is generally respected, not repressed. As a China coordinator for Amnesty International, Chair of a coalition – the China Rights Network – and as a member of a local AI group, Michael has helped to publicize the imprisonment and torture of political activists and ordinary citizens around the world.

‘Tireless’ might be the best word to describe Michael. He loves spending time with his grandchildren, has sailed across the Atlantic recently, and loves curling.

Judy Luginbuhl


AI Group 142 and former AITO Web Team member

I first met Michael in 1987 when he was making a video that included some footage of the AI Group 68 downtown. When a couple of AI Group 68 members and I started the new AI Group 164 in Riverdale, Michael was there pretty much from the start. Besides his China work, Michael has been activley involved in promoting Cities for Life, the annual AI Toronto anti-death penalty event.

Ian McNeil


AI group 164

Michael’s passion for human rights makes him an articulate and vocal activist in the Toronto area. He focuses on international human rights abuses, in particular human rights issues in China, and is well known within Chinese activist circles in the GTA. However, his activism is also grounded in the local and he has campaigned for a number of initiatives in his West Toronto community. He can be tough talking on the hard issues of human rights violations, but also remains a supportive and compassionate friend.

Well done Michael! I hope you will continue for many years to come to shine a light for Amnesty International!

Shanaaz Gokool


Former AITO Chair and friend of Michael