Katherine Yager

Katherine Yager

Passion for human rights, commitment and a great smile!

Katherine is a solid leader for the Toronto’s Action Network on Women’s Human Rights (ANWHR). With a welcoming demeanor and vision for the group, it’s easy to stand next to her and help execute our team’s mission. Her commitment to the cause is apparent, and her methods humble. I am pleased to work alongside her to raise awareness around issues that affect women and, inevitably, their communities. Congrats Katherine!

Cristina de Miranda



I feel so honored to be able to say something here about Katherine. In my years of work with her, she has been a driving force for youth participation and empowerment. From her work with the Queen’s University Youth Group, to her participation on the Human Rights College Planning Committee, Katherine always brought passion, commitment, and her smile.

Shauna MacLean


AI Canada Activism

In Katherine’s words:

“In 2008, I wanted be more involved at my university and I was told that the Amnesty student group had a great intro trivia night and I should go. I went and it was great! I realized that Amnesty was an organization doing amazing things and I wanted to be part of that.

I have become more and more involved in Amnesty and human rights work since then. The following summer I attended the Human Rights College and it was an incredible experience to be among so many like-minded people striving for change.

After moving back to Toronto, I knew I was going to stay involved in Amnesty but I wasn’t sure how. Then I found the Action Network for Women’s Human Rights and quickly realized that I wanted to be more involved in advocating for women’s basic rights. Through volunteering at Amnesty I have learned so much and met many amazing and inspiring people. Amnesty is a great community of people working for a common cause. I can’t imagine my life without being involved in Amnesty!”