George Harvey

George Harvey

“I am constantly inspired…”

George Harvey is smiling at the camera with another Amnesty member.George is passionate and kind beyond measure. I have never met or spoken to anyone who does not have overwhelming respect and admiration for the work George does and for his strength of character.

I will give you one small anecdote: when I was selected to attend the ICM in 2011, George was one of the first to express how proud he was of me and how excited he was for this opportunity. This is who George really is: someone who is intelligent, articulate, compassionate, and very much interested and attentive to sharing in the successes of others and encouraging them to do more – always.

Matt P.


In George’s words:

George Harvey is smiling and looking at the camera. He is being lit by a projector.“I started volunteering with Amnesty in 2005, specifically in LGBT rights. The nature of LGBT rights cases tend to be very violent and distressing. It is very common for me to hear: “You must find that so depressing”. This could not be further from the truth. One of the things I love about Amnesty International is that it brings together a diverse and confident group of people united by one cause: To make the world a better place.

I know that the laughs I share with my Amnesty friends, the moments we rely on each other for support, and the sense of unity we share can only help our cause. We find joy and strength where those who oppose equality would wish us to find misery and weakness.

These moments are to be sought out and cherished and only serve to strengthen our resolve. We have heartbreaking cases that inform us of the need for Amnesty International but we have moments of victory and celebration as well. I think the Pride Parade is a great example of one of these moments.

I find myself constantly learning new things at Amnesty International…about the world around me, about the process of human rights, but also about the incredible strength of the human spirit. I am constantly inspired by the people I volunteer with and they truly make me so grateful to be a part of this movement. I have many more things to learn, but knowing I share this journey with a group of people like the volunteers and staff at Amnesty International encourages me every single day.”