What is AITO?

Amnesty International Toronto Organization (AITO) supports Amnesty International groups, entities, networks, and members in the Greater Toronto Area and is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.  AITO enables local Amnesty International volunteer initiatives and helps to fund human rights  public awareness events such as Films for Change and the annual November Reel Awareness Human Rights Film Festival; we also disburse funds to support the work of Amnesty International Canada, English-speaking section.
AITO has a commitment to promoting AI Canada Branch core yearly operating goals as they are developed. We promote communication, coordinate activities and share information and resources among AI groups/teams and individual members in the GTA. We work actively to educate our members and the general public about international human rights and the violations of those rights.
We are a strictly volunteer-run organization of passionate human rights activists from all walks of life who are doing important, life-saving human rights work right here in the GTA. We are an open and accessible organization. You can join us by attending our monthly meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month (except December and August when we don’t meet) at 7pm at  the Amnesty International Toronto office, 1992 Yonge Street on the 3rd floor, or email exec@aito.ca . We would love to meet you and help you get more involved!

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