October 19th: All tickets are now available online. Check the Tickets button or click the link on each film's page.

October 15th: The Reel Awareness 2014 site is live! Check back for upcoming announcements on shorts and guest speakers.

GET READY for 4 days of some of the best human rights documentaries and feature films shown around the world. 2014 marks the ninth exciting year of the highly anticipated REEL AWARENESS Film Festival - the Amnesty International Toronto Human Rights Film Festival.

REEL AWARENESS brings together inspiration and information in a collection of must-see films. From November 20th to the 23rd, join Amnesty International in protecting and promoting human rights!

Worldwide, talented filmmakers brave threats and danger to capture moving stories about human rights abuse, resistance and struggle. Their films have the power to take us away from our own lives and examine the complexity of the human condition. These are stories that simply have to be told - these are the stories told at REEL AWARENESS.